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How I multiplied my Bitmex portfolio by 20 with this risked strategy.

I do a lot of experiments! Some of them work, some of them don’t.

Here’s the story of my latest successful one. Here’s how I multiplied by 20 my Bitmex portfolio with a crypto trading bot.

The Turtle Strategy

The turtle crypto trading strategy has good results. But in a bull market, they are still behind a buy and hold strategy’s ones.

However, the turtle is almost always right. Significant drawdowns don’t happen with it. She’s continuously, slowly winning.

turtle without leverage vs. buy and hold

So, what if we used that strategy with Bitmex’s leverage? Could we beat a buy and hold strategy on a bull market?

The Experiment

I started with $13.8 in my account — nothing that I can’t afford to lose — in February.

I had a x1 leverage long position on Bitmex (I held BTC for short). My bot only bought and sold on 30-hours breakouts.

My robot was buying with 2x leverage and the sale would bring it back to a x1 leverage.

In early June, I passed to 3.5x leverage as Kaktana started to support Bitmex’s leverage.

After six months, here’s what I have.

turtle crypto trading bot with bitmex leverage

$280. That’s a 20x increase! Bitcoin’s price increased a lot during that period, but not that much.

What about the risks?

They’re huge. With leverage, your profits increase but your potential losses too! You should never trade with more than what you are willing to lose.

This article is not investment advice. I’m not responsible for your losses.

How do I do the same?

Here are the steps to reproduce my risky experiment on your Bitmex account.
We’ll use Kaktana, a cloud-based crypto trading bot editor. It will let us configure all aspects of our strategy.

  • Sign Up to Kaktana.
  • Link your Bitmex exchange account with its API keys. No need to allow withdrawal!
  • Click on "pre-made bots". Select the "Turtle" one.
  • In the "Allocated amount in USD" field, enter 2-3x more than you have.
  • Enable it.
  • Wait until liquidation moon.


That kind of experiment is super fun to do.
There’s nothing more exciting than seeing your portfolio double in the night.

You could even run the strategy on altcoins and buy them when they start to explode.

Let me know if you do multiply your portfolio (or lose it all) with this strategy!

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I'm the co-founder of Kaktana. Kaktana makes it simple to build automated technical-analysis strategies on crypto markets.

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