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Introducing backtesting

Firstly, happy new year ! We wish 2019’s markets will be at least as full of opportunities as 2017’s ones.

Secondly, backtesting’s there :
Backtesting is a new feature that provides you all the power of the past.
From the comfort of your bot’s edition modal, just click “test”: you’ll be shown

  • charts representing stop loss lines and technical indicators
  • a price chart annotated with simulated buy and sell orders
  • a recap of your bot’s performance, including a comparison with a simple “buy and hold” strategy

It will become an essential part of many Kaktana user’s workflow, and we want to ensure it receives the support it deserves.
That’s why we’re so excited to release the first version of the backtesting engine.
This release is really key part of our plan : giving you access to the best tools to make sure your strategies are the most profitable possible.

Thirdly, we’re doing a 20% discount to celebrate all of that. Combined with our 10% discount on 4 months long plans, that’s a whopping 30% discount available until January 10th

And lastly, we’ve updated our pricing ! There’s a new “advanced trader” plan available for the most demanding traders, giving access to more traded symbols.

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