Automate Dennis Richard's turtle strategy

The Turtle strategy is one of the most famous and profitable trend-following strategies.
Let's see how we can automate it.

As well known for the legend that surrounds it as for its results, the "turtle" trading strategy is one of the simplest trend-following strategies
In this tutorial, we will see how we can automate it, and what returns we can expect from it using backtests. (spoiler: they're huge)
For those in a hurry, the strategy we'll be building is also available in the "pre-made strategies" section of your dashboard.

1) The Turtle strategy

The turtle strategy's rules are simple.

  • Buy: when the current trading price is higher than the maximum of the highs of the last 30 candles
  • Sell: when the current trading price is lower than the minimum of the closes of the last 20 candles
turtle strategy
Our buy and sell orders, visualized

2) Automating it

As always, we're going to go in bots and click on "new bot"

turtle strategy
We'll be trading on XRP

We want to check if the max of the highs of the last candle is lower than the current trading price
We'll be doing: 0 < [MAX highs 1 period ago] < [Last trade's price]

We're going to click the middle value and set up a 2H, 30 periods MAX on highs.
On the "intervals back in time" field, select 1: we want the past candle's MAX.

turtle strategy
Only three more left!

Press enter, you'll see this:

turtle strategy

Now, it's your turn.

With the above explanations and the given rules, you should be able to bootstrap your own custom automated turtle strategy by filling the last three values.
Feel free to play with all the parameters: timeperiods, intervals, additional indicators ...
That's the key to profits!

If you're stuck or in a hurry, click on "pre-made strategies" in the bot interface, you'll find the turtle between other strategies.

The solution

Here's what you should have if you applied the rules to the letter :

turtle buy conditions

turtle sell conditions

3) Backtesting our strategy

To start a backtest, click on the simulate button

backtest results charts

backtest results recap
We're using binance's 0.1% standard fees
27% of net profits in two months of trading!
These are good results. We should be able to push them even more by customizing a bit this strategy.

4) Running our strategy

After saving your strategy, click on the "enable" button and enjoy the results 😉
You can enable telegram notifications to be alerted whenever your bot enters a trade.
To be sure that our strategy is profitable, we encourage you to test it for a while on the sandbox exchange.
As a reminder, sandbox trading on kaktana is 100% free, forever.

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