Create your first conditions

Conditions are the basis of Kaktana's strategy editor.
Here's how they work and what to do with them.

Buy When/Sell When

There are two main kinds of conditions: "Sell when" and "Buy when".
Whenever "Buy when" conditions are valid, your bot will buy.
Whenever "Sell when" conditions are valid, your bot will sell.

buy when/sell when
Click on "BUY WHEN" to setup the buy conditions and on "SELL WHEN" to setup the sell conditions.

OR conditions

Your bot will buy/sell whenever one of their OR conditions is valid.
For instance, let's say your bot needs to sell when its target profit is reached OR when its stop loss is hit.
Then, you'll use OR conditions, because you don't want your bot to wait for the two conditions to be met.

or conditions example
Our bot will sell whenever one of these two conditions are met.

AND conditions

AND conditions are contained inside OR conditions. An OR condition will be valid whenever all its AND conditions are valid
For instance, here, we're buying when all three conditions are met:

  • 2H EMA 10 is above 2H EMA 50
  • 2H RSI 14 is above 50
  • 5m RSI 14 is below 30

and conditions example
Our bot will buy whenever all of these conditions are met.

What to do from now

Now, you know how to build strategies using our conditions editor.
This knowledge acquired, you can skip to implementing complex strategies, like the highly-successful turtle strategy.

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