x20 your portfolio with this risked strategy

The turtle strategy provides stable returns. Bitmex's leverage multiplies them.
Here's how I multiplied by 20 my Bitmex portfolio with a crypto trading bot.

The turtle strategy is a successful trading strategy.
It outperforms most strategies in the long term but is beaten by a buy and hold in bull markets.
Here's how I multiplied its stable returns with Bitmex's leverage.

1) The turtle strategy's normal returns.

The turtle strategy buys and sells on breakouts.
It enters when resistances break and gets out when supports do.
It rarely loses money but is slow to get results on a bull market.

turtle without leverage vs. buy and hold
The turtle strategy compared to a buy and hold.

2) Using leverage.

I started to test the turtle strategy with leverage in February 2018. I had $13.8

In the first four months, I had an open 1x leverage position on BTC. The turtle strategy only passed it to 2x leverage on 30 hours breakouts.

In the middle of June, I kept the same strategy but allocated $200 to my account, that was worth $140 at the time.
It got into each trade with a 3x leverage.

Now, five months after I started my experiment, my portfolio is worth $280.6. A 20x increase!

Without a single manual trade!

turtle crypto trading bot with bitmex leverage
The turtle strategy with Bitmex leverage.

Here are the steps to reproduce my risky experiment on your Bitmex account:
  • Sign Up on Kaktana.
  • Link your Bitmex exchange account with its API keys. No need to allow withdrawal!
  • Click on "pre-made bots". Select the "Turtle" one.
  • In the "Allocated amount in USD" field, enter 2-3x more than you have.
  • Enable it.
It is done in a minute!

3) What about the risks?

They're high. You should never do that with money you can't afford to lose.
The leverage makes your profits larger, but also your potential losses!
That's why I only put $13.8 in this experiment. It's a pure gamble, and you shouldn't do that if you're not emotionally capable of seeing your capital disappear.

This article isn't investment advice. I am by no way responsible for your losses (and you'll have a lot of them running that kind of strategy).


With the risks in mind, that kind of experiment is super fun to do.
There's nothing more exciting than seeing your portfolio double in the night.
It's fun algorithmic gambling. It worked for me, and it might not work for you!

You could even run the strategy on altcoins and buy them when they start to explode.

Let me know if you do multiply your portfolio (or lose it all) with this strategy!

About me

I'm Alex, Kaktana's co-founder.

I experiment with a lot of things. Some of them work, some of them don't.
But I always learn something in the end!

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