Security is our priority

Hashed passwords

We can't even read your password: we're only storing a hash of it

Encrypted API Keys

We're encrypting your API Keys so that only our software can read it


We're using TLS tunnels so you can safely access our services wherever you are.

Database Access

Only two security-aware employees have database access to ensure credentials confidentiality

High Tech Datacenter

High Technology

We chose our dedicated servers without concessions to guarantee the best performance and an exceptional service.

Constant Monitoring

The data center is under 24/7 surveillance. A qualified team of technicians is available at every moment to operate and carry out any necessary manipulation.

We know that cryptocurrency markets are evolving quickly and we're not taking it lightly: a few seconds of downtime can cause huge loss.

High Tech Datacenter

High Tech Datacenter


Because we can't afford long downtimes, our datacenter is conceived to be resilient.

All datacenter systems are redundant. It means there's always a backup plan when an element fails -- electrical network, water-cooling, hard drives.

Images come from the datacenter where our servers are hosted (OVH). All rights reserved.