How Kaktana Works

1. Add an exchange account

Link your exchange account using its API keys or create a sandbox exchange account.
We're not having any access over your funds. The only actions we can take are placing the orders of your bots and display back the profits you're doing.

2. Enter your conditions

Give your bot the conditions under which it will buy and sell.
Whenever the left and right values frame the middle one, your bot will buy or sell your cryptocurrency of choice.

To understand better, start with our tutorial on how to automate the highly successful turtle trading strategy.

Super profitable pre-made bots are also available.

3. Select your coins

Add the trading symbols of your preferred coins in your bot's interface.
It'll track each of them and buy/sell them whenever your conditions are valid.

4. Enable your bot

Your bot will now be closely watching the market and follow to the letter the rules you gave it.
It's fast, secure and practical.

5. Backtest your bot

Get a feel of how your bot will perform by running it on years of past data.
It's free, super fast and mitigates risks of automated cryptocurrency trading.

Trade while you sleep

Skyrocket your returns on the first 100% configurable crypto trading bot.

No PhD required