Smarter Tools

Candlestick chart

— Trailing Stop
As the price of the asset rises, Kaktana automatically rises your stop loss price.
— Trailing Buy
Your bot will buy as soon as the trend reverses by your specified percentage.
— Concurrent Stop Loss and Take profit
You no longer have to choose, you can even have a regular stop loss and a trailing stop at the same time: Kaktana lets you mix and compose strategies as you want.
— DCA Market Making
Lower your risks by placing multiple buy orders. If the price dips, your bot will keep buying to lower its average buying price.


— 110 Indicators
You can use as much indicators as you want on your strategies.
Even alongside trailing stops, take profits and limit orders.
You're free to build you strategy as you want.
— All Timeframes, Simultaneously
Analyze the market with multiple timeframes simultaneously.
Your bot can watch the monthly as well as the 1min data.
Sort of the robot's version of having eyes in the back.

Types of Strategies

— Long
The classical way. Buy coins when they're cheap and sell them back when they're expensive
— Short
The unusual-yet-effective way. Sell coins when they're expensive and buy them back when they're cheap.
Some exchanges (Bitmex and ByBit) allow you to short-sell contracts you don't have.
— Leveraged Trading
Kaktana supports leveraged trading on exchanges that support futures: Bitmex and ByBit.


— Backtests
Test your strategies on decades of past data using the fastest and most accurate backtesting engine in the world.
Outsmart even the Smartest in town.
— Sandbox
Test even your craziest strategies with no risk on our 100% free sandbox.

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