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Should You Code or Use a Crypto Trading Bot?

Cryptocurrency trading bots are the big winners in crypto markets. Their quickness and lack of emotions make them better than human traders on all points.
A simple turtle strategy can beat most manual traders easily (backtest results are in the link). There’s no doubt you can make much there.
Anyone can come up with a basic Python trading bot and have the same access to markets than big hedge funds.
There are even free open-source crypto trading bots for you to get started!

On top of that, non-coders can benefit from platforms like Kaktana to create their trading bot, without any coding knowledge.
Objectivity notice: you’re on Kaktana’s blog

Crypto trading bots are on the rise right now. To get started, should you use a pre-made bot or code your own?

We’re going to compare both solutions (as objectively as possible, promised) in terms of time and money needed. We’ll also the huge benefits particular to each approach.

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How trading bots are beating you on the markets

It’s undeniable. People are losing money on cryptocurrency markets.
Bitcoin’s price is now down 85% since ATH, and Cryptocurrency Investors lost all their money. But to whom?
We’re going to focus on one part of the winners of this bloodbath: trading bots.

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Introducing backtesting

Firstly, happy new year ! We wish 2019’s markets will be at least as full of opportunities as 2017’s ones.

Secondly, backtesting’s there :
Backtesting is a new feature that provides you all the power of … the past.

From the comfort of your bot’s edition modal, just click “test” : you’ll be shown

  • charts representing stop loss lines and technical indicators
  • a price chart annotated with simulated buy and sell orders
  • a recap of your bot’s performance, including a comparison with a simple “buy and hold” strategy

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Welcome to Kaktana's blog!

We’re happy to unveil our new blog !

You’ll find here all software updates and tips on how to improve your automated strategies.
If you want to be kept informed, you can subscribe by RSS or just sign up to our services : we’ll send you an email each time something is posted here.

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