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Define your strategies and trade automatically based on your conditions.

Skyrocket your returns on the first 100% configurable crypto trading bot.

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Automate your strategies

Whether you're anticipating the next key level rupture, waiting for oversold conditions or just following the trend, Kaktana allows you to build your own custom automated strategy. Without a line of code

Sandbox trading is 100% free, with all of our tools.

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Never miss an opportunity again

Build your own cryptocurrency trading strategy with our easy to use strategy editor.

With more than 110 indicators * refreshing at a 30 seconds rate, the only limit to your profits is your imagination.
*MACD, EMA, RSI, Bollinger Bands, Stoch, ADX, SAR ...

RSI strategy
Trigger a buy when 30 minutes RSI goes below 30.

Telegram notifications demo
Receive notifications of your bot directly on your telegram account.

Rest on your tools

Stop continuously watching the market: your strategies are running and your capital following your orders.

Your bots will keep notifying you of their actions by email or on Telegram.

Leverage the power of the past     New

Backtest your strategies on years of data in seconds.
It's free and unlimited. You're sure of the behavior of your strategy, regardless of the type of market you want to make it trade on.

Everything is running on our high-performance servers. Your experience stays the best, even on your smartphone.

Complex Strategy
See at glance how your strategy would have performed on past data


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